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Value Focused Conversion Page

Headline Describing What Will Be Solved When They Convert

This subtext should reinforce the headline and how this resource will help them in their journey. How will the offer make life better?

Selling 7 Opportunity: An expectation-setting landing page video works best here.


More Information About the Offer

Use this section to really explain why this resource is so important ot them. It's a great place to layer in secondary keywords to help boost the likelihood of this page ranking for multiple terms.

We can go up to three paragraphs here and we'll want to make sure we have a strong image that supports the offer, and helps illustrate the value they'll get.

If we go to three paragraphs, we'll really want to make sure we paint a picture of why this is an extremely valuable tool on their journey.

Social Proof

Download This Resource

Headline About Requesting Their Conversion

This is perfect for your if...

  • Bullet describing why they need it
  • Another reason they should download or convert
  • This final bullet is a big more aspirational, yet still shows them why they should convert

Hammer the point home so they fill out the form.


Frequently Asked Questions

Use this section to answer your most frequently asked questions related to the resource. The copy for each should be only long enough to give a sufficient answer, with internal links to related blog posts for more information.

Sample Question Title

Sample Question Title

Sample Question Title